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I have a dream that one day All the Muslim sisters would know what Allah is asking us to do and are able to teach it to all Muslim children so that we would for fill our duty on this earth.

The Golden Arabic Pieces (GAP) program is a classical, comprehensive, well-planned Arabic language education.

The Golden Arabic Pieces (GAP) program was lunched more than ten years ago with the goal of helping Muslim women and children understand the language of Quraan.

The curriculum is designed by an expert Arabic language teacher who has studied and learned how to make the Arabic language easier and enjoyable to non-native speakers.

With extensive academic class features such as live streaming sessions with the teacher, whiteboard applications, e-story presentations, and also free class recordings for more than six months, Muslim women who enroll in this program will definitely enjoy the hands-on learning experiences from day one.

  • Umm Ebraaheem

    Muslimahs, if you are looking for an intensive Arabic program that you can take online that focuses on Fushah then Golden Arabic Pieces is now open for registration. Please let Professor Dalia know that Umm Ebraaheem sent you! THIS PROGRAM IS FOR MUSLIM WOMEN ONLY

  • Ethica

    Your hosetny is like a beacon

  • Nicoyia Bradley

    The instructor is very patient and helpful. She provides excellent instruction.

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