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The Golden Arabic Pieces (GAP) program is a classical, comprehensive, well-planned Arabic language education.

The Golden Arabic Pieces (GAP) program was lunched more than fifteen years ago with the goal of helping Muslim women and children understand the language of Quraan.

The curriculum is designed by an expert Arabic language teacher who has studied and learned how to make the Arabic language easier and enjoyable to non-native speakers.

With extensive academic class features such as live streaming sessions with the teacher, whiteboard applications, e-story presentations, and also free class recordings for more than six months, Muslim women who enroll in this program will definitely enjoy the hands-on learning experiences from day one.

  • Sara

    Very good tutor She always do her best to teach you Thanks.

  • Sihame

    Great tutor, always takes the time to explain. Very manageable homework and goo speaking practice. Would definitely recommend!

  • Doremi

    Dalia is a great tutor. She has a great theory for non-native speaker and she is super patient. She has a great pure pronunciation in Arabic and English. She has so much passion with this job because she only sleeps a few hours a day teaching Arabic in the rest of her day. I will highly top recommend taking classes with Dalia.

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