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Course Name : Arabic 102
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This is a live class covering:

Book 1:

Unite one: The family -the pointing noun - masculine and feminine.  

Unite two: Food - Question tools.

Unite three: Home - Pronouns - Common and specific. 

Book 2:

Unite four: The body - the verbs - attaching pronouns to verbs.

Unite five: The road - TheTaa at the end of the word - Attaching pronouns to nouns.

Unite sex: The story of the Elephant - The birth and life of Mohamed (SAAW) - The types of Arabic sentences.


You will have to do and send in your HW .There will be two tests a mid and a final one. You need to pass both with at lest %80 in order to pass the course.

PS,You need to pass the Beginners test in order to join this Level.

PS: The fees for one to one class is $80 (every 4 weeks) for two times a week.

If you are a group(max 3 students in one class), please email for fees.

Class starts as soon as you complete your registration.