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Course Name : Level Two recorded course
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This is a recorded class that you will get in your mail so you can watch (as its recorded on top of the line virtual classroom with white board and everything) when it is convenient for you. 

This level talks about:

A story from the Sahabah- The Earaab of nouns - Stories from the Hadeeth - The Earaab of verbs - The Hamzah at the middle of the word


You will have to send in your HW and questions and there will be two tests a mid and a final one. You need to pass both with at lest %80 in order to pass the course.

How does it work?

1- Click on Buy now .


2- You will get an email with your copy of the book and the times on which you will receive your classes weekly.


3- You listen to your class and do your HW.


4- Send the HW with all your questions to us for correcting.


5- When you are at the middle of the book, you will have a free live class with the teacher to review and the same at the end of the level. 


You will get:

1- The book.

2- The explanation of the book sent weekly.

3- Two live review classes.

4- HW correction and mid and end of level testing.


PS,You need to pass level one test in order to join this Level.

PS: The fees for this class is $60 (every 4 weeks).