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Course Name : Summer Intensive Course
Start Data : June 15 2019

As-slaamu alaikum,

With Summer being here, take advantage of our Summer Intensive  Course offered three times a week:Two Arabic classes + A Quraan class

From 6/15 to 8/9 (8 weeks)

Choose your own class time: by sending three different times and the teacher will choose what works for her to set you up, but that means that we have to work according to whom comes first is served first.

The book:

*If you want to work on your Grammar and writing more, GAP books are going to be the ones you work with.

*If you want to work on your reading and speaking more, Al-Arabiyah books are going to be the ones you work with.


Course fees are: $200 (for the 8 weeks)payed on two installments of ($100). 

Registration open till the 13
Th or full