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As salamu alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakaatuh

Dear sisters,

In order to keep the program top of its class there are some Student obligations that we must insist on:

1- A student must come fully prepared for class.

2- A student must send her homework at least an hour before class so that the teacher may have time to correct it.

3- A student must be on time, if you have to delay for any reason or you cant make it to class please email the teacher before class time.The teacher will only wait 15mins for the delayed students.

4- A student must read The Holy Quran in Arabic at lest 10mins daily.

5- A student must apply all the words and rules she studied in class.

6- A student(starting from Level One) must use Arabic in class, you may use English if it is a most and after the teachers permission.

7- A student must submit her weekly Arabic activity every Friday.

Dear sisters, we strive to make this experience worthy, so if you can commit yourself to these obligations