• Umm Ebraaheem

    Muslimahs, if you are looking for an intensive Arabic program that you can take online that focuses on Fushah then Golden Arabic Pieces is now open for registration. Please let Professor Dalia know that Umm Ebraaheem sent you! THIS PROGRAM IS FOR MUSLIM WOMEN ONLY

  • Ethica

    Your hosetny is like a beacon

  • Nicoyia Bradley

    The instructor is very patient and helpful. She provides excellent instruction.

  • Tajah

    I love this class

  • Maryam F

    I am so happy to be back to my GAP classes! Alhamdulilaah Rabeel Aalameen.

  • Nicoyia Bradley

    I always enjoy my Arabic and Quran classes. I have learned so much, and the teacher is very helpful and will to help her students.

  • Deborah Karim Muhammad

    This class is awesome. I have the opportunity to learn the Surahs in Quran by memory along with Tafsir and the best part is I get to do it at my own pace. I have the most wonderful teacher who is patient and has an excellent command of both the English and Arabic language. I could not have asked for a better situation. I am so blessed. Alhumdulillah

  • Helen

    Excellent Instructor. Great Learning materials! Very good class ! A lot of support from the Instructor.

  • Umm Hajirah

    Beautiful teacher, beautiful students, beautiful class That Allah has blessed me to learn alot from, Alhumdulilah

  • rahmah

    when learning a language other than your native tongue, all the care should be taken when learning from sources other than authentic sources. for this if no other reasons, I sincerely suggest working with Sr. Dalia to ensure the proper understanding of the Arabic language from a cultural and grammatical point of view

  • qanis76

    The class has been very beneficial for me Alhumdulillah! I have been learning the correct tajweed with detailed meanings of the surah Alhumdulillah!

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