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As Salaamu alaykum to you all. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a little insight of my Arabic background. My name is Dalia Safwat. I am a native Egyptian. My Arabic studies began in Saudi Arabia while attending elementary school, and continued throughout high school. Upon graduation from high school I returned with my family to Cairo, Egypt.

Decided to take my studies further in order to better serve my Muslim community by teaching my sisters in Islam the beautiful language of Arabic, so enrolled into the Faculty of Darul ‘Uloom at Cairo University. It is hailed as “The best Arabic and Islamic school in Egypt”, and got a diploma in teaching Arabic to non speakers 2010.Currently I have Masters in teaching Arabic to non Arabic speakers and I am working on the PHD. Al-hamdulillah.

Began teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in the Al-Ibana Arabic Institute. I served there as a teacher for 18 months, at which time I helped in developing their program before moving on to other endeavors.

Being a mom, I too have the demands of family and home life, which prompted me to start teaching privately. This allowed me more flexibility in taking care of my responsibilities and continue what I love to do most, teaching Arabic.

After I began teaching privately, I found the need to formulate my very own curriculum.This came about after seeing how difficult it was for many of my students to gain understanding from the existing Arabic programs. Please don’t misunderstand me. Many of these programs are great, but teaching Arabic is not a one size fits all. Some students need more steps with details, along with the ability to move at their own pace. My style and program offers just that. Maa Shaa Allaah, Tabaaraka Allaah.

Al-hamdullah the online program launched in 2003 and since then it has gained such notoriety that we sometimes have to place interested students on a waiting list. I hope that this doesn’t discourage you, but encourage you. I would like you to learn more about this program, but most of all I’d like you and your children to learn the Arabic language.

You can begin this process by registering at Golden Arabic Pieces and getting started on your way to learning Arabic today.
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