• Welcome to Golden Arabic Pieces


“ This class is awesome. I have the opportunity to learn the Surahs in Quran by memory along with Tafsir and the best part is I get to do it at my own pace. I have the most wonderful teacher who is patient and has an excellent command of both the English and Arabic language. I could not have asked for a better situation. I am so blessed. Alhumdulillah ”

By : Deborah Karim Muhammad

“ I always enjoy my Arabic and Quran classes. I have learned so much, and the teacher is very helpful and will to help her students. ”

By : Nicoyia Bradley

“ I am so happy to be back to my GAP classes! Alhamdulilaah Rabeel Aalameen. ”

By : Maryam F

“ I love this class ”

By : Tajah

“ The instructor is very patient and helpful. She provides excellent instruction. ”

By : Nicoyia Bradley

“ Muslimahs, if you are looking for an intensive Arabic program that you can take online that focuses on Fushah then Golden Arabic Pieces is now open for registration. Please let Professor Dalia know that Umm Ebraaheem sent you! THIS PROGRAM IS FOR MUSLIM WOMEN ONLY ”

By : Umm Ebraaheem

“ Dr. Dalia is the most professional and patient teacher, well organized and structured. She is perfectly used to train non native speakers and you even learn a lot about the Arabic world. Highly recommended. ”

By : Ilka

“ Dalia is a very good tutor. She speaks English perfectly and teaches at a good pace. She provides learning material for me to revise over. If I don’t understand something she will take the time to explain until I do understand. ”

By : Shaunee

“ Dalia is a great tutor. She has a great theory for non-native speaker and she is super patient. She has a great pure pronunciation in Arabic and English. She has so much passion with this job because she only sleeps a few hours a day teaching Arabic in the rest of her day. I will highly top recommend taking classes with Dalia. ”

By : Doremi

“ Great tutor, always takes the time to explain. Very manageable homework and goo speaking practice. Would definitely recommend! ”

By : Sihame

“ Very good tutor She always do her best to teach you Thanks. ”

By : Sara

“ Assalam Alaykum dear sister Dalia how are u you? Thank you so much for taking the 6 weeks crash course with the kids I really appreciate you time & effort. ”

By : Sarat Adedayo Busari

“ The classes were very interesting and interactive. Your explanations of the Quran were very clear and helpful. Normally, I can read the English on the Quran apps, but when you explain it, it provides an actual understanding to that English and how I can apply it to real life. ”

By : Samah

“ Thank you so much for the lessons. The teaching method was engaging, flexible and aimed at ensuring learning took place. You helped a lot by accommodating our timing. The tafseer for the Quran was very helpful in understanding beyond just being able to read translation in English. The Arabic was also introduced in an easy to learn manner by introducing things around us that we interact with almost daily. I have to work on putting more effort to practicing. I appreciate the fact that you always asked if we have any questions. This was very reassuring, made us comfortable and put us at ease. This lesson is something Id like to continue. ”

By : Mariam Masha

“ Thanks for the classes, they where very productive Classes as we would work, understand, and get explanations for what we did or read. ”

By : Umm Naaser
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