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Courses - Intensive Arabic Winter Class

As-slaamu alaikum,

This is an intensive program to match the Winter holiday (Dec 3Rd - Jan 8Th), giving students the opportunity to learn Arabic in a very short time with high quality, and a reasonable cost.

This live class meets four times a week on Saturday-Sunday-Tuesday and Wednesday , an hour a day.

You can choose between:
* 10 (AM) EST for AlArabiyah book 1
* 9 (PM) EST for AlArabiyah book 2

When you book this class, you get:
* 22 Arabic classes for only $150
* Tailored class to know your Arabic Level and goals.
* Zoom recording of the class for info reviewing.
* 24 hours Arabic support on WhatsApp

To join: Click BOOK NOW and be on the look for our email within 24 Hours.