• Welcome to Golden Arabic Pieces

Courses - Level Two class

This is a live class covering;
 The funny stories from the Judges. The Fathers Advice -The Wise Ant.
The nouns with its many changeable endings, Inna and its sisters,  Diagramming the nouns and estimating the ending, The present tense verb, What puts the present tense verb into the accusative,  Five types of verbs,  The present tense verb with a weak ending,The Hamza in the middle of the word and The present tense verb without an ending vowel.
PS, You need to pass Level one test to join this Level.
PS: The fees for one to one class is $90 (every 4 weeks) for two times a week.
If you are a group(max 3 students in one class), please email for fees.
Class starts as soon as you complete your registration. 
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